Good call-out. I’ve found that discussing statuses is helpful just to open up communication, avoid intersecting/duplicate work, etc. But several times we’ve had to course correct and make sure we’re also discussing the state of the sprint and whether or not it’s at risk of successful delivery (which is ultimately the point).

I’ve come up with the following questions. I’m curious what you would add, remove, or change and why.

Did yesterday
Doing today
Slightly stuck on something? (Tag for help)
Is my work at risk of not being completed this sprint?
Is any work on the board at risk of not being completed this sprint (in your opinion)?
If so, what needs to be done to mitigate risk (in your opinion)?
Need to meet with anyone today to further discuss issues, blockers, etc.? (Tag here)

What do you think? Thanks!




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Adam Estela

Adam Estela

✨ 💍 @kimbyarting

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